Customise your garments with hand made embroideries made with the highest standards in the fashion industry.


Have you ever wondered why Some people spend 4k on a beautiful top of the notch embroidered jacket by their favourite brand if it has been made in thousands of copies?

At Viceversa We think that luxury is about getting the highest quality, the ost exclusive materials and techniques, but also about uniqueness.

After 30 years of experience in embroidery, we are proud to give you the possibility to customise your apparel of choice with a unique design made just for you under your directions, and hand embroidered by the same hands working for brands the like of Prada, Armani, Valentino and so on.

You can think on your favourite subject, maybe the logo of your band or business, or whatever else your imagination can realise visually

Then bring your own perfect fitting old blazer or pair of jeans that you want to revive, or come in our shop and buy a vintage Alpha - Schott bomber like the ones we' ve chosen to make our customisations sampling.

We will then discuss on the budget, as you can realise the same design with silk thread, a cheap set of plastic strass, Swarowsky crystals , and maybe even with real precious stones as only Kings and Queens dare.

Time for production would be around 20-40 days